Saturday, 4 October 2014

2 Very Posh Ladies!

I do love lace and frilly things....although you wouldn't really know with some of the things I've made! But let me introduce you to Antonette and her big sister Bella. They are both made from vintage cotton and have a mixture of antique and new lace. Their hair is made from a soft, dove grey wool.

Arn't they just the poshiest frocks ever! They both have little books of treasures which comprises of little bits of their favourite material,lace and papers.

Sitting in a froth of lace, and with her kitten heels, she has a vintage fashionable top with two embroidered flowers. She has little pearl earrings and a fancy headpiece.


                                                            Big sister Bella

Bella has a lovely lace top on which compliments her favourite lacey skirt. She has high heels and a lovely little cosarge in her hair.

                                                      Books of Treasure, full of lace, material and papers.

Sitting atop an old singer sewing maching. (their hair is darker in this photo, which in real life it is a lovely pale dove grey)

........and this is how it all began. You will turn into swans and go to the ball Cinderalla!!

Here is our doggie family, dad, mum and baby,  pausing for breath in their favourite place at the forest (they have decided the beach is also no 1 place to be)

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  1. What lovely little ladies! they're adorable.

  2. Lovely dolls. They look quite different early on in their life. Love the doggie family portrait.

  3. Absolutely adorable and I love the tiny books - Anita #13 Handmade Monday.

  4. So posh and their little rosy cheeks are just lovely!

  5. They are both adorable, but I especially love the little details you've added like the book of treasures and their beautiful hair pieces.

  6. They are very sweet dolls, and you have given so much attention to details. Lovely

  7. Awww they are so pretty, I love the little books too.

    Love the photo of the pooches :)
    Jan x

  8. They are so pretty and delicate, well done!

  9. Two very endearing little characters, Beautiful :)