Sunday, 21 September 2014

Chunky cardi, buttons and brooch

Hello Folks. In view of the winter fast approaching the knitting needles have been out.  This is my  favourite pattern which is knitted in aran yarn in stocking stitch with some cabling, so very quick. In fact it was finished long before anticipated!
Trying to get a good colour likeness was next to impossible. In reality it is a darker mauve with flecks running through. After the cardi was nearly finished I realised that I hadn't made the inset pockets....maybe thats why it was up and running so quickly! lol

The pattern uses one button at the top, but I thought I would have a go with these self cover buttons and see what happens as I've never used them before.

Using French knots in a light and darker mauve these little flowers look a bit like Buddleias I thought.

A nice bright brooch finishes off the outfit.  (another photo that didn't capture the colours well) This was made from a piece of plaid wool with fabric flowers and vase, finished off with some random felt spots and the blanket stitched onto a mauve felt back.
It's already been out for an airing and it is nice and cosy. I do wonder why aran yarn has to be put into such huuuge balls tho (or perhaps I don't need to wonder!) In the old days they were sold in 50g lots, then went up to 100g and now a whopping 600g. What was needed was a 600g ball and perhaps another 100g. So I now have lots of wool leftover......wooly hat/scarf anyone!!

Here is someone who knows just what to do with an interesting looking item!
You can see what the colour is, yes, part of my jumper! Little Logan thought it was absolutely great fun. My fault as I forgot that the knitting bag was left on the floor when he was visiting. Forgot what it was like with toddlers, move everything up high! haha

Dad (Archie) was supposed to be baby sitting, but he was to busy ordering doggy biccys on the internet!

Logan just knows just how darn cute he is....and uses it to the full advantage!
Byee till next time.

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  1. Lovely, cosy cardi - and really well finished off with those beautiful buttons. Archie is SO cute! x

  2. Aww, Logan is absolutely adorable (don't worry Archie, you're cute too!). Your cardigan looks really cosy and the buttons are gorgeous, so much better than something you could buy in a shop :)

  3. Lovely post. I just love those buttons, may just have to have a go at some of these. Logan is just to die for!!! So cute :)

  4. Beautiful buttons! They really set that lovely cosy Cardigan of a treat.

  5. I love everything you've made but that little rectangular brooch is especially lovely!

  6. Those buttons are wonderful. Love the photo of Archie surfing the net.
    Ali xx

  7. What a gorgeous cardigan, and the buttons are so lovely. I did at first think heather, but that is just because of your blog name. What a naughty doggie. He does look a bit shame faced.

  8. A beautiful cardigan, and I think the buttons look great.

  9. Your cardy is gorgeous. I wish I could knit and make such a lovely item. Your dogs are sooo cute :-)

  10. This is a beautiful sweater you created. I love, love,love the buttons. How talented you are! Is it possible that you can share a link to this great sweater pattern?

  11. Who wouldn't love your sweater, especially with the beautiful buttons. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop! I hope you’ll join us again next week!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

  12. Love your cardi. BTW. Since you made such a lovely brooch and buttons that are embroidered, why not add two pockets on top of your cardi and attach these with some fun embroidery stitches... ? Just a thought. Thank you for linking it up at

  13. Beautiful sweater.... and the buttons are perfect! Logan and Archie are adorable -- Logan surely wouldn't get into your yarn, would he? Ha!