Sunday, 2 June 2013

Tour around garden and start of mini sampler

Would you like to come on a tour around the veggie patch? Off we go then.

 You might remember the veggie patch sign that I blogged about, it is now fixed to the gate that leads into the allotment. (I have run out of the blue paint to match the fence, so it's either going to be left like it is, or, painted some other random colour)
The gate still needs to be fastened as it's only propped up, and it needs a bit more refining around the ages!

 And yes it was a clear blue sky and sunny, which, by midday, was overcast and dismal and then the rain came, what a disappointment. (This was Saturday)
Nikki getting in on the photo...guarding the vegtables! HH cut out the pointy finger which is attached to the fence, just in case you miss the gate. haha.

As we open the gate (which was made from old floorboards as is the planking fence, all hobbled together. Pinched from HH's wood pile) this is the start of, hopefully, some lovely veggies...if they grow!
 The stuff that is starting to sprout are potatoes, lettuce, onions, leeks, turnips, carrots and kohl. With peas and beans that were grown on in the poly tunnel.

In the background are raspberries and blackcurrants. The apple trees have lots of blossom this year but I wonder if we are just too exposed for the apples to grow to any size (but hope spring eternal!!)

I would like the pathways to be gravelled over at sometime to stop the weeds sprouting like triffids.

The poly tunnel is once more coming into it's own and the peas that were sown in winter in there, are now nearly ready to eat. (Love peas straight out the pod) Strawberries are starting to ripen...yummy and the grape vine has 3 small minute bunches growing, now that will be interesting to see if they grow to proper size. Lots of other things starting to come along, we didn't have much bother from slugs or snails but cabbage butterflies were a pain, with caterpillars all over the brassicas which were picked off by hand everyday. Yuk.

On the crafting front I have started to embroider a little house sampler.
Here is the start...
There are 14 squares altogether and maybe, just maybe, they will be finished for next time.

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  1. Your veggie patch looks amazing. Lets hope you produce lots of lovely goodies. I love your sampler too and look forward to seeing it once you complete it.

  2. Very envious of your veggie patch, I've tried growing a few things on my balcony with little success and I love your sampler.

  3. I think the more I see of where you live, the more I fall in love with it!
    Looking forward to your new sampler, as I loved the last one.

  4. Beautiful embroidery, but more importantly I love the Highland Monkeys at the top of your blog :-)

  5. Your garden looks enourmous. You will certainly have lots of lovely veg. Love the dry stone wall around it, and your gorgeous little sampler.

  6. What an amazing view from your veg patch! Must be no hardship to go and tend the veggies (on a nice day!) Cute little house on your sampler! x

  7. Love your little sampler and looking forward to seeing more of it. I wish you luck with the vegetables. xx

  8. What a huge vegetable patch !!! It must take some looking after.

    Your little house sampler is so cute xx

  9. oooh your veggie patch is looking fab! Its so lovely when everything starts growing like mad isn't it, how wonderful to have the poly tunnel to get a head start!

    your houses are super cute as always, i really look forward to seeing the finished sampler :) x

  10. The veggie patch looks great, I wish I still had somewhere to grow my own.

    The sampler is looking good too :)

  11. You have the kind of garden I dream about. How beautiful. I love the sampler...hope you can share a picture of it when it's completed. Have a wonderful week!

  12. I just love raised beds, great structure. I see lots of rewards coming your way. I am your newest follower, first time visitor - Love your blog. Kathy

  13. That garden is amazing! You have so much going on! And that sampler is adorable :)

  14. You have a beautiful garden and I love your embroidery work! New Follower! Would love for you to share at Simple & Sweet Fridays.

    Take Care,

  15. Nice garden, mine is getting up and going now too. We had a long cold, rainy start to Spring so things are behind here now. Except weeds....I must do some weeding!!

  16. Beautiful garden and a adorable embroidery!
    Hope you have a good weekend!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  17. Really lovely sampler~~~ Thank you for linking it up at ~ Rose

  18. What a great veggie patch! You can't beat peas straight out of the pod can you?