Sunday, 19 May 2013

Mugs, samplers and Nikki

I sent away a couple of my Quirky house photos to have them put on a couple of mugs.
Here they are on my mini dresser.

                                            Close up


and whilst they are OK I think they should have had a brighter sheen to them as the photos that were downloaded were nice and clear and bright. So a bit of a disappointment really.

Anyway I did manage to finish off this little cross stitch sampler this week.
The aida was white but I wanted a more 'antiquey' looking colour, so it was soaked in some cold tea for a while. Unfortunately the photo shows it a pale brown, whereas, in real life it's a deeper, rich brown. That is Head Honcho with Nikke and me with a blue chicken!

At last the flowers are starting to pop up. Nikki takes a keen interest in the garden, after all there are bees and butterflies to chase, passing cars and bikes to bark at, bits of unkown yuk to nibble on. Here she is having a rest inbetween activities.

But she would like to remind you to take the time to slow down and smell the flowers!

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  1. Sorry that you are a bit disappointed with the mugs but I think they look great. Your sampler is also lovely - what a lot of work!I hope it will get pride of place somewhere!

  2. Gorgeous cross stitch project - I just love samplers - they are such fun to stitch - a collection of different motifs and you dont get bored with them :)

    the mugs are nice. great idea to transfer the houses on cupes. perfect for house-loving ladies :)

  3. The mugs look ok seeing them on my screen so it's a shame they are not quite what you wanted them to be. Nice work on the sampler!

  4. Your cross stitch sampler is so nice. Love the last photo. Such a cute dog.

  5. The sampler is lovely. I like the idea of your houses on the mugs - shame the quality isn't what you'd hoped for. Love the dog pics!

  6. The mugs and sampler are pretty.

  7. The mugs look gorgeous, as does your dresser! It's always easy to be a bit nit-picky about your own work when other people often love it. Your sampler is lovely too x

  8. Your sampler is beautiful. I've not see the original photos to compare your mugs with, but as they are they're lovely.
    I like the picture with Nikki sniffing the tuliptoo.
    Have a great week.

  9. Your sampler and mugs are lovely. As is the photo of Nikki smelling the tulip.

  10. The sampler is so pretty. It reminds me of one my daughter did for me years ago. Nikki is so cute. I love the photo with her smelling the flowers!

  11. beautiful sampler. thank you for linking it up. thank you for linking back to the party. this is so appreciated. a new linky will open in an hour or so...

  12. Hopping here from Crafts a la Mode. Love the little sampler. Will definitely follow!

    Marie @

  13. Your sampler is lovely, and how cute is Nikki smelling the tulip?