Sunday, 30 June 2013

Re-cycling books. Mavis and Nikki go for a walk.Nikki's towels

This crafty make is a present from my daughter. We have a Zutter punch (which I can't figure out how to work it properly and all the holes go in the wrong places) so dd has taken it over.

These books have been laying around for ages, they are the sort, that, once read, they are then confined to deepest darkest cupboard which is a shame. So, to give them a new lease of life she made me these, after carefully cutting the boards and removing the insides she went to work pimping them up!

Now, I am getting old, and a lot of the quotes in the little blue book could quite well refer to me! haha  'Hazards of a handyman' we can relate to as we have had a few mishaps while hammering or sawing over the years!!

Inside, the top one has plain paper in it so I can make sketches and notes and the little one has lined paper for joting down shopping lists or bits and pieces. I think they are great fun and are going to come in very handy. She is going to be making some more out of old annuals. (not valuable ones I hasten to say!)

As for me I have made a little embroidery for a cushion. Mavis and Nikki going for a walk. It is running stitch in red thread.

I call this a self portrait haha. If you look closely you can see some quirky houses on the handbag. Must find me some stripey stockings!

Here it is turned into a cushion. I have to say it's one of my favourites.

 I have in mind to do a series of line drawings of Mavis and Nikki in various poses which I think would make a nice transfer set to use as cushions/pictures/embroidery or included in a quilt. Do you think people would be interested in buying them as PDF files, either singly or as a set? I would love to hear your opinions.

And just for Nikki, as she has been mostly good this week, some jazzed up towels.
Carefully folded so that you can't see the ingrained dirt from past exploits. (No, she doesn't appreciate her personalised towels!)

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  1. The books given a new lease of life is a fabulous idea . I don't own a zutter as I worried that I wouldn't get the hang of it! The cushion looks really lovely and I would be interested in a set as PDF files. Hugs Mrs a.

  2. The little notebooks are so cute. And, I love your creative design for the cushion. Wishing you a great week!

  3. I love your cushion, the little heart above Nikki is so cute.

    Jan x

  4. The self-portrait is great! and makes a fabulous cushion :)

  5. How gorgeous is your cushion design? I love it!

  6. Your design is gorgeous, and so detailed! I'm sure it would be hugely popular as a PDF.

  7. Oh wow! that redwork of your is simply gorgeous. i like how you combined the embroidery with the lovely cushion fabric and it all looks great on that flowery armchair. the topiary tree with the birdie on it is super cute.

  8. I love Mavis and Nikki and definitely look forward to seeing some more versions. There is so much life in them. Your books are also a really great idea. What a super wekk you have had :)

  9. Love the cushion embroidery. I'm also curious about which house on the sampler was yours from last week?

  10. I didn't know what a zutter was before now - interesting! Your cushion is really effective - I don't know that I would buy the PDF thingy, but I would buy the cushion cover!! Just call me lazy! xCathy. Oh, and I love your chair too!!

  11. I think a range of 'Mavis and Nikki' items would be a good thing to make and sell as individual things and people might collect them. x

  12. oooh love that cushion! i could definitely see people interested in your lovely characterful designs.

    love love love the personalised dog towel too - so cute! x

  13. Loving your cushion and the recycling - and loving Mavis and Nikki. Cx

  14. What a lovely way of including embroidery into a cushion. Beautiful x

  15. I love the cushion, that fabric really compliments the embroidery too.

  16. Those books are really good; I had no idea what a Zutter cutter was before I saw this.

    I love your cushion and it looks fabulous in the chair.

  17. The little notebooks are really pretty.

    I love the cushion. The stripy socks are so cute xx

  18. Your talents know no bounds! The pillows are just adorable, thanks so much for sharing them with us.

  19. I love the little lady with the striped stockings : )
    And making her in red and white is really nice.
    Great job.

  20. What a great idea for recycling books...your cushion is just adorable. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week; I hope you’ll join us again!

    Kathy Shea Mormino

    The Chicken Chick

  21. What a great way to bring a favorite book to life! The pillow turned out so cute! Very talented. Thank you so much for sharing at All Things Pretty. Hope you come back soon!