Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Stripey Sid bunny


Just a real quickie to indroduce Stripey Sid to you. He is, of course, a relative of the dancing ballerinas....but this one does break dancing! Sid is wearing his stripey trousers which matches the heart on his jumper

Had a little wander around the garden/field and it's nice to see things breaking into bud at last. We did lose a baby apple tree tho which was a shame. It got that red fungus spots on it and withered, but all the other ones are doing OK.


  1. awww how cute this bunny is!
    i am melting....
    the heart at his jumper is fab!

  2. Sorry about the loss of your tree x

  3. I've yet to meet a break dancer who wears shoes like this but I can see Sid is a proper individual! All sorts of exciting things are happening in my garden too - such a lovely time of year.

  4. hes so cute,makes me want to get my needles out.

  5. He's such a sweetie.

    Madison xxx

  6. Super cute bunny :) Thanx for popping by my blog x