Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Must finish these first!

Hello everyone, lovely and sunny but cold with some hail thrown in so cosy inside chilly out.
I have just bought this book (we well overpaid our electricity so got a refund so what better way to spend :)D )
Actually it wasn't very expensive and free delivery from Amazon, I have to say this book is one gem, I love it. The last time I did any big embroidery was a blackbird on a cherry branch when I was about 16 years (so that was umm, so many years ago I can't work it out!!) In those days there was only a basic pattern without any shading, although  at the time it was very fancy. This book takes you through how to shade with DMC or Anchor in easy terms, progressing to harder things to stitch. Now my fingers are itching to get started on one of the designs.

Now this has been sitting in my cupboard for quite a while and I thought I might be able to combine some of the stitches in the book with this crinoline lady design. I have some calico so would make a lovely cushion, don't you think?

You might remember this little pile of delicious fabrics, which have been turned into this....
                                                                        then this.....
             So I must finish this quilt before I start on anything else (plus some other little bits that need finishing). At the moment I am cutting out the sashing, which is a re-cycled duvet cover.  That is the part I'm not fond of and, while I was fixing it together, I see that some of the squares are the wrong way around so unpicking this evening....grrr to me!   Another grrr is...... to make the shape that I wanted I needed one more block, but there is no material left so will have to maybe either make it long and thin or make a square. Think the square wins.  Hope to finish it soon  so I can drool over that book some more!!                              


  1. So many projects, so little time......

  2. That is lovely fabric for the quilt, I havent made one for ages now. I like the look of the book too xx

  3. The quilt looks amazing, such colours. And the embroidery looks impressive and you haven't even started it yet!
    Jo x