Saturday, 21 February 2015

German Shepherd and sockies.

 I wonder if you can guess what this German Shepherd is made of? I'll tell you! It's a dry needlefelted 'painting' made by my eldest daughter. This is her first try in this medium as usually she works with paints. But after seeing my wool stash and some photos on the net she wanted to have a go. We were amazed at how well she has done this picture. It looks like a painting! Needless to say that my wool felting stash has somewhat depleted as she has squirreled them off to her house along with the needles to go with it.
 In a temporary frame on my mantlepiece. She will be doing commissions if anyone is interested in having a doggy/cat/pet portrait.

This is one of my makes of the week. Two little sockies, can't help making them occasionally! Cute little monkey socks and a cheerful flower pattern. Best of mates as you can see! (not ce marked, so not for kiddies) We have needed our hats and scarfs this week as it has been a tad chilly.

                                                   The cheeky triplets made from some scraps of baby socks.
Getting cosy in the furry blanket.

Does my bum look big with this heart on! haha.

That's all for this week folks, see you soon. x

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  1. Your daughters picture is amazing she is so talented, love your sockies the little hearts look perfect :)

  2. Your daughter's 'painting' is wonderful, so realistic and your cheeky triplets are very cute especially the little hearts on their bum :)

  3. Omg, how cute are those baby monkeys and your daughter's felt painting is amazing! Xx

  4. The sockies are really cute. I love your daughter's picture, its really stunning.

  5. I do like the colourful monkeys, and the picture is really interesting. Not seen anything quite like it before.

  6. The dig portrait is amazing! Those little sickies are adorable.

  7. *WOW*!! Your Daughter has quite the SKILL!! -- My Mom used to do pastel-crayon portraits of horses on velvet paper over 40 years ago that gave the pieces great texture. But this method appears to be much more intense. LOVE IT!! -- BTW, how much is she charging?

    1. Thanks for the comments on my Blog and the pricing info. Well worth it! She should probably charge more!

  8. Wow your daughters felted picture is absolutely stunning!! I enjoyed felting but my standards certainly arent that high! Hope she gets some orders..
    do love your monkeys they are adorable and look all cost in their wooly hats!!

  9. The alsatian picture is amazing! It really does look painted. Very cute monkeys too. x

  10. Your daughter's picture is fantastic and so life like. Love the new sockies they are such fun

  11. Wow, your daughter's dog portrait is amazing! I can imagine she'll be flooded with commission requests now. Adorable sockies as always, i just want to pick them up and give them a cuddle! :)

  12. Wow! That is very impressive felting!
    I like the little hearts on the bottoms of your sockies too, reminds me of Care Bears as they always used to come with a branded heart button on their bottoms!

  13. she is brilliant- that is such an awesome portrait and cannot believe that is not paint! love the monkeys look very cheaky x