Sunday, 8 February 2015

2 Gorgeous presents.

Who doesn't just love home crafted items......I do a LOT.

I received two gorgeous presents last week. The first one is hand painted in watercoloursby my eldest daughter and is pretty large. 4 doggie friends together. They all get along fabulously and as they all live nearby they have lots of meet ups for runs and fun.
The lighting was a bit dull at the time and had a bit of a blue cast over this photo.

We changed the frame to this wooden one which fitted better than the white one. I might paint this one white at a later date. Now it's up over the mantel, although we put it up a little higher in the end tho so it cleared the ornaments a bit better.

You might wonder who these doggies are. So from left to right is Logan (son of Archie and Nikki) Jazz the cocker spaniel (Uncle Jazz to Logan!) he lives with daughter. Our Archie and Nikki is laying down (Logan/Nikki live together with another daughter.

The doggies were painted from 4 different photos by eldest daughter and I absolutely LOVE it.

Next from Nikki's owner is this fab cushion. (daughter no2)  A caricature of Archie.

That wording is so right!! haha. I did wonder why daughter No2 was taking particular interest in my stash pile and whisking them away, but I was duped into thinking she was still working on a pressie for her friend. (which she was)

Archie is a bit peeved about not being allowed to sit on them tho as he thinks cos they got his picture on that it was made for him. No chance Archie!!

As I wasn't using my felting equipment at the time I casually let my eldest  'borrow' them to see whether she could felt a 'painting' what she came up with is simply amazing but you will have to wait till next time to see the results......sorry!

At this rate my large amount of stash will be de-stashed, maybe I will hang my crafty hands up and retire......or maybe not!

Hope you like and they are both taking orders, you can email me with enquiries.

That's all for now folks and this weeks linky parties are;


  1. What a cute load of doggies. The painting is so good. What a talent. I love the photo too of Archie peeping over his cushion.

  2. What lovely presents - and no wonder Archie wants it for himself - he needs his own making next!

  3. Oh the painting is so beautiful, all those dawgies and love the pillow and sure Archie will come to appreciate it it time

  4. Two gorgeous items, you're lucky to have such crafty children - they clearly take after their mum.

  5. How lovely that you were given such beautifully made presents! Like you, I'm always thrilled if anyone spends time making me things. Vicky x

  6. What thoughtful gifts to receive, your daughter's painting is fabulous. xx

  7. Haha! LOVE the pic of Archie with his cushion! What talented daughter's you have and a gorgeous collection of doggies too, they look so lovely all together in the painting :) x

  8. The caricature of Archie is adorable! I love it!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ The Submarine Sunday Link Party

  9. its lovely to have presents specially made for you - your daughters are very clever! These are the sort of presents that put a smile on your face every time you look at them :)

  10. These are lovely, the picture is wonderful, you have very creative daughters. I'm sure they must have got their creativity from you :)
    Jan x

  11. What lovely presents and clever daughters! Thanks so much for joining in with Happy Friday.

  12. wow both are amazing well done to them very unique with the cushion and amazing art work x

  13. love your pressies and the dog and his pillow are great.