Sunday, 24 August 2014

The Giggle of Girls Gang.

Welcome from a bright and sunny Sunday up here in Scotland. The first for many a day as we have had very heavy showers and lots of them. So made the most of it and did a bit of garden clearing and now having a rest with a cuppa.

 Here is yet another of the little girlies to join the rest of the gang. With her sweet pink outfit that has embroidered bead hemline. She has a fine bunch of flowers just picked from the garden, which accounts for the wind swept hair! (just like mine)

This little lady has amazing  blue tint hair and had her kitty cat to keep her company. Do you like her blue heels and spotty stockings?

Last little girlie and she is clutching her spaniel Jazz. I do like her fancy hat and wouldn't mind one for myself for winter!

Here they are all together sitting on a shelf and showing off their stripey/spotty tights and fancy clothes! This is a no boys allowed's only!!

Little Lucy has gone to live in her forever home now. Whilst we were very sorry to see her go we know that she will be loved and cherished in her new home and with another little doggie to play with, rabbits and children she is going to be one very happy puppy. So here is a photo of her last night with us. Dear sweet Lucy.

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  1. how lovely- like her flowers :) they are all brilliant, so cute x

  2. Could they be any cuter! SO much work and detail in them and SO worth it, they are lovely.

  3. It must be hard to say goodbye to Lucy, though great that you know she is going to a happy home. I love you new doll with her button flowers and wild hair.

  4. I love all the different little details that bring out each girl's personality, I think my favourite this week is the last one with her little dog.

  5. Oh wow these are fabulous, you are very talented. xx

  6. I love your gaggle of girls. Such an appropriate collective name for them too. hugs Mrs A.

  7. The girls are lovely. Sad to say goodbye to Lucy.

  8. Your girls are so cute, the one with frazzled hair looks like me, ha ha. Cute little puppy.

  9. Wonderful makes- I love all the different outfits. The tutus are cute!