Saturday, 9 August 2014

My wee cottage.

This week I bring you
my little cottage, in front of....... my little cottage! (This piece is modelled on my wee hoose)
I don't unfortunately have lollipop trees, but I do have a red door, seat and windowsills....oh and a red quilt! haha Need to get me some stripey red and white socks/tights tho.

You may recognise the lump of black and red wood, yup it's part of the piece that I rescued from the wood pile. (still got two more bits of that, maybe future projects, will sneak into the shed when Head Honcho is otherwise engaged to see what interesting bits that could be used)!
It joins on nicely with the 'little blue house' that I showed you recently. Lots of lollipop trees are growing. Can you see Little Lucy Locket sunbathing in the background?

If you can peek through the door you can see a dresser full of china and the umbrella all ready for action. (actually it's usually too windy up here to use one lol)

I will show the 'giggle' of girls, that are more or less finished, next time. Just need to add things or tweek the hair a bit.

Here are the twins, growing fast but still as cute as ever.
Upto date family photo. Logan looks like his mum, Nikki the chow. Little Lucy looks like her daddy, Archie. (I hasten to add that only Archie and Lucy live with me!) Potty training is good some days, disaster the next, ah well. The pups have had the last lot of vacs, so watch out Scottyland they are coming. haha

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  1. Sweet puppy family! You need to add them to your wee house.

  2. Your wee cottage is so cute but my favourite thing is the lollipop trees. Great photo for the family album.
    Ali xx

  3. So adorable! I want a whole street of your little houses! Xx

  4. So adorable! I want a whole street of your little houses! Xx

  5. How fab to have your own mini cottage, love the washing on the line! Your doggies are VERY cute! X

  6. Aww, love the cottages with their lollipop trees :) and the pups are just adorable!! x

  7. I love these little houses, and the way they join up is brilliant. What's next?

  8. The little houses are so sweet, I love all the detail you put on them.

  9. What a lovely wee house. You are so lucky that you actually live in it.

  10. You are so versatile - is there no end to your imagination! These houses are lovely! xCathy

  11. What gorgeous little cottages.I love the lollipop trees.

    The twins are so adorable !!! xx

  12. Oh! Love your little wee hoose, Penelope! Dinna Fash, I know the Fae folk will come to inhabit it. They can hang their wee plaids up to dry on that line, aye? Sweet! Hugs, Catherine (latest follower of all your blogging adventures!) :)

  13. Sorry I haven't commented in ages but I'm still reading!
    The house is amazing and I'm another fan of the lollipop trees.

  14. I missed the blue house post so glad you did a recap of it. The houses are do cute. The pups are growing up fast. Hugs Mrs A.