Sunday, 10 March 2013

Teacup Coasters, Teapot Tess and crochet.

This last couple of weeks I have been finishing off some of the unfinished projects that have been around for ages, so made my mind over and fixed them!

First up here are some tea/coffee cup coasters.

A little collection.....
                                                   Now all sold.
 Made from linen and cotton. Place a teabag or two and send to a friend, who can then use it as a coaster while they sip there tea (or coffee) and think of you!

And here is little Teapot Tess....
you guessed it another sock monkey lol. She has teapots and teacups as decoration.

With her best friend Gertie. They like to chat and whisper secrets. (although Gertie's leg looks rather elongated in this photo they are both the same length!

                                               Having a cuddle together.

The lace that I unpicked from this embroidered tablecloth which is here was waiting for me to do something with.So at last got the iron out and re-shaped it and it's now ready to go...

Now added to my little dresser.

                                                    Close UP

I stuck it down with double sided sellotape. I do have quite a bit more of the crochet....hmm where to put it!
(the dresser was originally a display unit for my jugs, somehow or other a lot of red bits have crept it.....can't think how. lol.

Making some progress on some wooden bits I'm putting together and hopefully will be able to show next time.

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  1. I love your little cup saucers! What a clever idea. And your dresser idea is a great one - love the whole display.

  2. Your coasters are so fun! Definitely the perfect gift for a tea or coffee lover :)

    Gorgeous sock monkeys too, i love how colourful they are and they certainly do look the best of friends :)

    The lace is the perfect addition to your dresser, so charming and wonderfully creative! x

  3. The coasters are fab - such a lovely idea.

    And I do like the lace on your dresser (I'm another with a bit of a weakness for red)

  4. I love the cup coasters. They are a brilliant idea. The lace is really, really pretty and perfect for the shelves.

  5. So love the coasters:)I notice you have an Etsy shop, are you thinking of selling them?!

  6. What a brilliant idea with the coasters - a fab little gift idea! Love the dresser too.

  7. Those coasters are a really super gift idea. Love the lace too.

  8. Your cup coasters are fantastic. Just so clever ...

  9. What fabulous makes this week!
    the tea coasters are so pretty... that I would not dare to use them... as coasters :D no to get tea/coffee stains on them!
    love the red monkey with tea theme on her -absolutely brilliant. the hat you made for her makes me smile! :)))

  10. Your coasters are gorgeous! A great idea for a gift, really imaginative. And your dresser looks beautiful.

    1. Sorry for adding my comment to the bottom of Natalie's but for some reason my laptop's not showing me the main comment box!! I love the tea & coffee coasters - they're so cute and really really neat! Love Gertie & Teapot Tess having a cuddle - very cute! Your dresser looks very much like mine - a slight red obsession going on :-) Simmi x

  11. The tea pot coasters look so pretty, and useful too. I like the way you've used the lace on the dresser. Love the collection on it as well.
    Wendy x

  12. the tea bag coasters are so cute!

  13. What a lovely idea with the coasters they're lovely! The little dresser is gorgeous and the lace finishes it off really well :-)

  14. The tea and coffee coasters are so clever, and I love your dresser, it's so bright!

  15. I love my teacup thank you.I just wish I had more to make a set!

  16. I love my teacup.Thank you! I just wish I had more to make a set.

  17. These teacups with teabags in are amazing! I love them :-) Pinning now! Thanks for posting.

  18. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your cottage and cutey little dog are gorgeous.

  19. Your teacup dresser is more than adorable! I love how festive and cheerful it is! You are so creative!

    hugs x
    Crystelle Boutique

  20. Fun fun fun. All of it: cup monkey lace dresser... all. Well done. Thank you for linking it up with us. I would never have found your blog if you didn't. A new party opens again later today. I hope to see you there again. Stay in touch! ~ Rose

  21. Love those little teabag holders Penny - I make card versions with a large cup stamp! Lovely to see your latest sock monkeys too and your gorgeous dresser - that would certainly cheer you up on a chilly day! Vicky x

  22. loving your latest monkeys! And the little coasters are so sweet - what a great idea. xCathy

  23. Those tea coasters and monkeys are soooo cute!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party