Sunday, 24 March 2013

Little Scottish Harbour and more tea cup coasters.

Hello everyone from a very cold Scotland. We don't have any snow but the wind is so cold it cuts through me like butter. So different from a couple of weeks ago when it was almost spring like.....come back sun we miss you! I have trays of seedlings slowly growing on the window sills and I want to plant them up in the poly tunnel but I fear it will be too cold for the little things to survive. I just hope they don't get to leggy and fall over!

I have at last finished a little wooden Scottish Harbour. Wood rescued from the fire. The harbour measures approx 17" long by 2 and quarter inches tall. And nestling on top of a nice curvey piece of wood are a row of darling little cottages.
All the little houses were tiny bits of wood with the roof shaped and chimneys added.

                                              Some close ups.
                                     Little sailing boat made from some balsa wood.
Can you see the little street lamps? They are a whittled down matchsticks with a paper clay ball painted white on the top.
                                        The tree trunks are thickish wire sandwiched between two pieces of green paper.
You can almost hear the waves crashing against the harbour wall! It now sits on the bathroom windowsill and makes me smile. I have done another harbour scene but will let you see that another time.

Also this week I have been making some more tea cup coasters.
This time with different coloured 'rims'

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  1. I love your little harbour, it's so lovely!

  2. That harbour must have taken you ages but it is well worth it. Especially as it gives you pleasure.Hope you have a good week :)

  3. Interesting project doing the harbour - it looks good! Tea cup coasters are fab!!

  4. The harbour looks great - I especially like the boats on the waves. Hope you're withstanding the cold up there!

  5. I love the tea cup coasters, so pretty.

  6. What a great harbour, I love the curved aspect of it, l like the little boat in the waves especially.

    Jan x

  7. We are coming up to Scotland for the first time in a couple of weeks. Hope it warms up a bit by then. Love your Harbour :)

  8. love the Harbour - it looks fantastic!! My Dad lives in a harbour in Cornwall and looks very similar!

  9. I love your harbour! I especially love that it's curved, and I really love the waves.

  10. What a sweet harbour! At first I thought it was on a hill, until I saw the later photos and could see it was curving round, not up.

  11. The harbour is brilliant. I love the way it curves.

    The tea cup coasters are so sweet.

  12. Love your harbour! What a great decoration.

  13. I know I said it last week, but I just love your cup coasters. The harbour is very impressive too.

  14. Love the harbour - definitely the luckiest wood in the fire! ;)

  15. Oh wow - love the wooden harbour, it's absolutely gorgeous! The tea coasters look far too pretty to use! Have a good week, Simmi x

  16. The wooden harbour is soooo lovely. I like all the little details, and the shaping. I could see prints of it in a childrens' book.
    Wendy x

  17. Wow. You've been busy. These tea cups are so cute. Thank you for linking 'm up at our linky party at !

  18. The harbour scene is really effective - didn't know you did woodwork too! You are very multi-talented! xCathy

  19. Absolutely wonderful! what a fabulous scenery you have created!
    Cant take my eyes off it!
    love the sea wave - very artistic and whimsical :)