Saturday, 26 May 2012

4 little monkeys and how does your garden grow.

Hello fellow bloggers. A day earlier this week as I have sciatica or something and laid up on the sofa for awhile so thought I would show you what's been going on in our little cottage this week.

Not much crafting going on as the weather has been glorious have been out in the garden. Doesn't it lift the spirits sooo much to have a bit of sun and warmth, although it got so hot today I had to come back into the house!

Here are some more little cheeky monkeys that have been made.

                   All sold.
At last the sock pile has gone! (apart from some baby sock bits) These will be the last probably for quite a while. The little blue stripey one is more the same blue as the monkey on the left. They have their little hats and scarfs on even tho we are in the middle of a heat wave, but they look super cute in them. If you would like to purchase one, just email me at the above address.

Now onto the garden. This was the before picture of the veggie garden and here it is now.

The seeds were put in this week so nowt to show yet! Hope they do come up, it's quite a windy spot but we had some good stuff last year. There are runner beans and peas this year as well as other stuff, although the carrots arn't in yet. We had loads last year, they were lovely.

It is quite a large patch, but I've put in some willow whips to act as a wind barrier. These will make the veg patch smaller when they bush out a bit. On the left hand side is a fedge. (a hedge and fence combination) The willows were put in last year and this year were bent over and woven into each other so they will eventually make a dense hedge. This year the rest of the plot had willows stuck into the ground. Next year when they get roots they too will be woven.

Onto the poly tunnel. It is nearly finished, just need the doors fitting. It is like a sauna in there!
It looks a bit empty but the left hand side is full up! At the end are some strawberries, to foil the slugs they are on a bench thingy and an old planter.
Looking up the other way. We got some chicken manure pellets and boy do they make the tunnel whiff! But hope they will soon break down and go into the soil to enrich it. Hope that it will be full of lush plants in the near future. There is a couple of cherry trees in there (my favourite)

So head honcho has been pretty busy, but he knows what keeps me happy, a bit of dirt and manure :0D
Also nearly finished is the summer house. But more of that on another blog.

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  1. Wow you have such a lot of growing space, I am looking forward to seeing your veggie garden in full swing.

  2. your monkeys are fabulous! especially in that monkey gang :) very cheeky! :) love your blog banner too! awesome!

  3. Wow, you have worked so hard in the garden - it's very satisfying though isn't it? I now have polytunnel envy although I'm not sure one would survive on top of our hill in the strong winds we get.
    Love the monkeys too - they look so cheeky!

  4. your little monkeys are gorgeous! i love the colours and they look fab as a little gang :)

    my OH would love a poly tunnel - maybe one day...! yours looks fab and i'm sure the chicken pellets will make all the difference :)

  5. I love sock monkeys and your ones are so gorgeous, so cheeky looking, I love their hats and scarfs too.

    Your veg patch and poly tunnel look amazing.

    Jan x

  6. Love your set of cheeky monkeys - they're just lovely.

    The polytunnel looks fab - loads of space for growing. Enjoy the garden, let's hope for a good summer and loads of crops!

  7. the monkeys are great :) they look like they'l be inseparable!!

    really envious of your growing space, I miss being able to grow my own veggies - particularly the runner beans, nothing nicer than fresh from the plants

  8. Well done on completing your sock monkey's so cheerful. I know the work tnat goes into a veggie plot now enjoy your harvest through out the year

  9. Gorgeous sock monkeys - such great pressies. Good luck with the growing - fingers crossed it will be a great year veggie-wise. Hope you have a good week.

  10. You have been busy in the garden! I hope you get lots of lovely veg.

    The sock monkeys are so cute!

  11. I love those sock monkeys sitting in a row. As for the view from your garden and your garden in fact, I am very envious. How lovely.

  12. Wow, sure wish I had the space to put in such a great veggie garden. It will be grand when it's filled with wonderful veggies and such. The sock monkeys are darling!

    Thanks so much for linking up to Creative Thursday this week. I can’t wait to see what you link up next week. Have a great weekend.