Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Felt mat

You may remember this
Putting a toe into felt making, then came to a standstill and it was put to oneside for a year.
But it has come out of the dark drawer and I had a play around and did some freehand embroidery on my Tesco sewing machine. It has been hammered that machine and can't believe it's still going strong. (I have blown a few up in the past including a Bernina!)
 First of all I went around all the hearts in matching thread. Then freehand with blue thread on the green and green thread on the blue. Afterwards with a darker blue thread went around and around the hearts to make them stand out. The actual felt is quite thick, I think I didn't roll it enough to get a thinner fabric. Somebody did suggest making it into a notebook cover but it would have been to thick and is not pliable. (thanks for that I did take it on board)
My camera will not pick up the red's properly as it's not as pink as shown but more red.

                       Close up                             
Finished mat. The binding and back is a very zingy lime green and looks fab with the other colours. (Showing more of an apple green here).
There is now a vase a flowers on top of it on the windowsill. Shall I do some more felt making? Well ya never know as I still have some bits left watch this space!
p.s. You can see the colour difference in  the various photos, that's my camera for you, sometimes OK and other times grrrr. The nearest colours to the real thing is the second photo down.


  1. I think a notebook cover is a great idea or maybe some sort of cosy or gadget pouch as lovely as it is as a mat I don't think you can fully appreciate it if it's lying flat but maybe that's just me.

  2. Wow - I can't believe what a difference the quilting makes. Beautiful.

  3. The thing is Caroline that the felt is to thick to bend so wouldn't be suitable for anything like that. If I ever do another it will be a lot more pliable.

  4. You are so clever and inventive P

  5. It's amazing what a difference some embellishment and finishing-off makes!
    Teresa x

  6. It looks lovely, you are good at the freehand embroidery, I really need to master this one of these days xx