Sunday, 26 June 2016

Budgie cushion

After a bit of thought as to whether the budgie would look best as a cushion or picture, I made it into a cushion. From start to finish.......


                                                   Wasn't keen on this frame...

                                                     Looks much better as a plump cushion  
                                                    Very comfy on the chair, but no longer on my chair as somebody took a fancy to it and away it flew without a backward glance!!

Now for something completely different.......Cake! My daughter made this for a party after seeing one on Pinterest. A Cocoa cola bottle chocolate cake. Who'd have thought eh.

Swiss roll mixture on the inside. We don't drink coke ourselves so had to wait until a visitor turned up with a bottle! Apparently you can also make them with milk bottles....any plastic bottles I guess. Daughter said it was a bit of a faff making it but it tasted good and went down well at the party. Recipes can be found on Pinterest/google if you want a go yourselves.

Bobby and Archie modelling my new summer scarves for me. They look lovely in real life, and the doggies thought they were super posh.                                                                                                       Well, that's all for now folks, see you again soon.

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