Saturday, 2 January 2016

Knitted Budgie Budgerigars

Let me introduce you to Chips the budgie. He is busy having a swing on his perch and chirping merrily away, whilst admiring the flowers that bedeck his driftwood perch. This is a no mess pet, double clearing up!
 Now, have you ever seen a pink budgie....I've got news for you, Chips has a lady love who is pink, oh yes, indeedy!
This is Trixie, who as you can see, has a flower be-decked perch as well. They have flown off to their new home now and are living happily together with their new owners.

Still on the budgie front. I have started this embroidery, now I'm not sure which way this is going to go, maybe a picture, or maybe part of a cushion. Hmmm decisions, decisions!

We are keeping cosy here as you can see during the winter months when the days seem to be so dark. As usual the doggies hog the best place when its howling a gale outside. Nikki is on guard in case there are some treats going around so she can alert the others!
That's it for now folks, will try to keep the updates a bit more regular.

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  1. Just love the budgies. Very cute indeed. The dogs look very snug by the fire!

  2. Oh they are so sweet, love them and can imagine several perches dotted round the house.

  3. Beautiful budgies, I'm sure they will love their new home. Happy new Year

  4. OMG how cute are they!!! Happy new year hun xx

  5. Hello Chips! And so pleased he has a girlfriend, hello Trixie xx

  6. I just adore your birds. and also your lovely hot dogs!!!

  7. Chips and Trixie are so cute, love them and must have taken ages to knit up. We have the same problem with the fire Shiloh hogs it all and we freeze, lol but that is living with dogs!

  8. Gorgeous budgies! I love them so much - reminds me of the cute cath kidston budgie fabric I have in my fabric stash :) - popped over from Handmade Mondays

  9. A post full of cuteness, budgies and dogs. We always had green budgies when I was growing up and they were all called Peter, I have no idea why my parents did that! Have you done more with your embroidery now - picture or cushion?

    1. It got turned into a cushion, will have to post a piccy of it later.