Saturday, 4 July 2015

Colin the Crow

This funny shaped piece of wood was destined for the wood burner. Just as I was going to throw it in I had an epiphany....that looks like a birds head and yes it was, cos it turned into Colin the Crow!!
                                                     He can't see yet.......

                                                      Eye, eye

                                                          Here he is in his box.

The background is crumpled tissue, painted a gorgeous blue and then the creases gently rubbed with a red oil pastel. His feathers are some black paper cut into the shape of feathers and stuck on one by one. He is not quite finished yet but he looks quite comfy looking at me with his beady eye!

                                          Archie thinks he's more handsome than Colin....which of course he is!

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  1. He's a stern looking chap but I do love him and think his box is just perfect for setting his head off.

  2. BRILLIANT! Fabulous texturing! Love him!

  3. Haha he's brilliant, I love that we see things in random objects. :)

  4. He is stunning, love the effect you have done on the feathers, very Prim

  5. Amazing! It's funny how craft people see shapes and images in things that noone else can!
    You've done a fabulous job, so much so I think it looks quite eery! Xx

  6. Colin is lovely and I love the box too!

  7. colin the crow is very handsome and very cleverly done