Sunday, 6 July 2014

Little Hippychic girlie

Hello again chummies. The make for this week is a Hippychic dolly, as you can see she has a lap full of pets. Nikki the doggie and Tiger and Smokey the kitty cats.
Do you like her stripey tights and red shoes. They match her tartan skirt. She has a posh necklace and matching bracelet which jingle when she walks.

Hasn't she got a sweet smile and bonny rosy cheeks. I don't think she can squish any more cats and dogs onto her lap but I bet she will have a jolly good try!
Silly me, I made one foot a tad bigger than the other and didn't notice till all sewn up and painted!! Still she doesn't mind, so I don't either :0D

I'm in the process of making a little group of girlies which is progressing slowly, they are in various stages of dress. Is a group of girls called a 'giggle of girlies'? I think so!

These are there legs. Spotty tights and high heels, must get me some!

Wee Logan is chewing what he thought was a yummy pink marshmallow!

.....and hitching a ride in the apron

I can't believe the puppies are 6 weeks old this week. They are such characters and wont stay in their box, but like to follow you about.

This weeks linky parties are;
ivy and elephants


  1. I can just imagine her giggling with the other girlies, she is lovely. Logan is incredibly cute!

  2. Aww she's fab and i love the picture of all the girlies dangling legs! I can see you're having fun making them :)

    Little logan is so adorable, it must be so lovely to have them following you around! x

  3. Logan is beautiful and your doll is great very scotish

  4. A 'giggle of girlies' is an apt description, with their stripy and dotty stockings I'd bet they'd cause a riot wherever they venture.

    Jan x

  5. A giggle of girlies is a perfect description, Logan looks like he's a handful but adorable too.

  6. Hippychic is so sweet and just the love the pic's of all the legs dangling and agree a giggle of girlies is about right.

  7. Hippychic is adorable ... and so is Logan! The work you've put in your dolls is inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. I love your sweet dolls and cute animals! I looked at the wooden house you made, too! It's beautiful! You are so talented. I'm just starting to make dolls and loving it! Hugs, Diane

  9. Your Hippy Chic doll is adorable as are all her pets. Love the snap shot of their legs. Such lovely designs and colours. Logan is just so cuddly .
    Hugs Mrs A.

  10. Just look how Nikki is gazing up adoringly at Hippychic dolly!
    That there Logan is so cute too,