Sunday, 30 March 2014

A mixture of cross stitch pictures.

Hello everyone. Suffice to say that the crafting front is still at a standstill with very little being made. Although some mermaid spoons are coming along.....slowly. Up in our little corner of Scotland it has, and still is, very cold and overcast and with very little sunshine. So here is a mixture of cross stitch photos taken over the years.
But first of all lets have a cuppa.......cake/biscuit, don't mind if I do!

                                              Good friends together. My daughters two cats.

                                          This jug and bowl is very big and took ages to do. It now hangs in dd dining room.

                                          I stitched this for my little grandson. It wasn't until the backstitching was finished that the picture came together. Such a lovely design, which is by Maria Diaz if anyone is interested.

                                            This little dove and robin design was for a g'daughter with her name/date added in the middle.

                                       My sister and her hubby had just bought there first caravan so I thought this design was very fitting for them.

OkayDokey, there is more but that's it for this week. I used to enjoy cross stitch, but other crafty things have taken over. I do some every now and then tho. just to keep my hand in. I found that marking out every 10 blocks with a washable pen was invaluable and kept me from making mistakes......well not so many!

Here is Nikki reading the latest copy of Your Dog magazine, just to make sure that I'm uptodate with all things doggie. (this was taken on a beautiful day early March, now long forgotten!) Notice the cocktails for her and Archie haha.

Archie is busy watching Crufts and was delighted that a little dog called Colin came second.

 Now onto this weeks linky parties.


  1. The cross stitch pictures are lovely. Keep changing my mind over my favourite. The blue and white vase and bowl are lovely, but I do like the caravan and the baby. One of my cats gets very excited whenever there are nature programme on involving birds, but then yesterday was glued to the telly while I was watching Rio with my daughter.

  2. Seeing your pictures reminds me that the caravan stitching has been one of my WIP's for a couple of years! Ironically, we're about to sell our caravan I think.. Cross stitch is such a forgiving craft - it doesn't mind if you stuff it in a cupboard for any length of time, it's always glad to have you back, even if it's just for a little while!

  3. The caravan cross stitch is great. I'm currently doing one with lots of tea pots although it's been a work in progress for years! x

  4. Such beautiful cross stitch pictures, they must have taken you ages and ages to finish them. I think my favourite is the one of the baby.

  5. wow, all your cross stitching pictures were wonderful, I have done some and it is quite time favs was the pitcher and bowl and the one with the baby........beautiful...........

    All lovely, thanks for sharing them with us, you do great work.
    blessings, Nellie

  6. The Maria Diaz one is stunning! Looks more like an ink sketch than cross-stitch. Hope spring gets to you soon - we have been so lucky down here with lovely sunny days this year. xCathy