Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Duchess and white mousie

I'm thinking it's getting a bit cooler and I wonder if we are going to be in line for the snow that is forecast. As we live at the top of Scotland people often think we get lots of snow but we don't, that is reserved for lower down! 2010 was pretty bad, but also hit the whole country as well. So lets hunker down and get on with some crafting....that's my idea anyway!

Here is a little white mousie that I made and she is joining the Chitter Chatter Crafty Club and will join in the knitting frenzy that is going on there.
                                                         Isn't she a little sweetie?

Back view. Sitting comfortably on her reel of cotton. Her little heart declares 'knit'! She will be popped into my Etsy shop soon.

This is something I can show you now that the recipient has received her. The 'Duchess'
Her hair puts mine to shame...really must get it sorted! Love her dress, don't save dresses for best wear them now, best might never come!!

There is a little scroll there wrapped in some raffia which is the title 'deeds' to the Duchess chateau. She certainly has some fancy lace on her dress.

The 'poem' on the back is the same as the Countess one. 'Now I am old', a take on the poem 'When I am old' She has settled into her new home and is partaking of tea and scones as I type.

My daughter did these two pastel drawings of our little dogs, Nikki (top) and Archie. They look quite the thing hanging on the wall.

Here is scruff posing with his portrait before he proceedes to chew it!

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  1. I love the cotton reel mousie is sitting on. The pictures of your dogs look very life like too especially the bottom one. Hugs Mrs A.

  2. Little Mousie is so cute. I just love the way she's sitting doing her knitting.
    My, the Duchess is a very grand lady. It must take her dresser all morning to do her hair....

    Your daughter is a fabulous artist. I'm sure it's just Archies way of saying he likes it !!! xx

  3. I love the white mousie she is very sweet. Lovely pictures, you must be really proud of your daughter.

  4. the teeny knitting mouse is just adorable and those little extras with the Duchess are such a lovely touch. Wonderful pictures too by your talented daughter x

  5. I love the Duchess, she's beautiful. Your daughter is very talented with pastels. Her depictions of your two dogs are fabulous.

  6. I love the little mousie, and how on earth did you get Scruff to pose so perfectly with her portrait. Your daughter is very talented.

  7. aww your wee mousie is so cute and the Duchess is quite magnificent, a real work of art, i love all the little details and her hair is fabulous!

    looks like artistry runs in the family, your daughter's drawings are fantastic, they capture both doggies perfectly :) x

  8. Your mousies are adorable, I'm sure she will find a new home soon. The pictures of your dogs are adorable, what a talented family you have.

  9. The Duchess is lovely, so elegant in her beautiful clothes.
    Your daughter's drawings are very good and how cute does Archie look with his portrait?