Sunday, 6 October 2013

Fabric stash and Countess HarJill.

Hello everyone. This time I thought I would show you my fabric that I bought when I was down in my favourite place. Perth, Scotland. There is a large antique/collectable shop that sells all sorts and here is some of my haul.
A babies dress that is made from cotton and lace. I don't know how old it is but so sweet. Such fine sewing and delicate lace. I have hung it up in my bedroom for now so I can admire it.
A small French basket and the red gingham and huge piece of linen are also from France. The big bundle of lace I was lucky enough to win on Ebay......and here is what I have used some of them for.....
introducing The Countess de HarJill. With her lacey top and linen skirt.

She is proper posh and look at her bouffant hair do, if it wasn't so windy up here I think I would like a hair style like that!
I have made up a recital called 'Now I am old' a take on the poem 'When I am old'.  Part of it says ' now I am old, I shall dye my grey hair red and pile it high to the sky'

Oh I do wish I was so bold, maybe I could try it on special occasions!!
And here is the side of her fancy home. She has a little banner made from linen and with two butterlies balanced on the ends. With her handbag matching her shoes and a couple of hearts she feels very much at home. The box measures 11" x 6" and Countess is approx 9" tall from the top of her beautiful hair to her dainty shoes.
                                                       She has some very fancy lacy panties.

                                                No jeans for this young lady!

She is sold and on her way to her new home. Where, no doubt she will keep everyone in order with her best Downton Abbey voice!! These are made to order, so if you would like your own 'Countess' please email on the address at the right side bar.

Nikki has been thinking about the coming chilly days and has raided the wardrobe to see if the hats and scarfs are upto scratch....hmmm....maybe that one is a tad too big tho.

Whilst Archie has more important things on his mind and that is, checking out Nikki's bed to see just how comfy it is, measuring it up to see if he and his toys will fit,, and whether she should be sharing it with him!
Fit is nice, will have to move all my toys in and make it more homely. (Archie is such a fidgety bottom that it's hard to get a photo of him when he's not moving!)

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  1. She is rather gorgeous, isn't she? I'm not sure I believe her title is real, as I'm sure a real countess wouldn't reveal her underwear so readily on the internet! x

  2. Ha I love the hair, darling! Sweet dogs too, I'd never get any work done with them around, would spend all my time fussing them!

  3. That's a proper hairdo, I'm a bit jealous! Looks like you found some real treasures too.

  4. Fab hairdo and you can't say she is all fur coat and nae knickers! I am off to Dundee this week - wonder if we can visit Perth and find the shop!

  5. Sounds just like my kind of shop. The Duchess looks very regal. hugs Mrs A.

  6. Oh wow she's fab! I love all the details you've added, it really makes her something special. She will be much admired in her new home i'm sure :) x

  7. She's lovely and so are her knickers!

  8. A lovely and very detailed make, with a gorgeous place to live too. I'm not surprised that she's already been sold.

  9. The Countess de HarJill looks ever so posh. I absolutely love her hair do. I can just image her walking the halls of Downton and putting everyone in their place. Wonderful creation !
    Ali x

  10. That hair is truly amazing ;). I am sure that she is very cross with you for the indignity of sharing her undies to the whole world. How could you?

  11. A wonderful Countess with a wonderful hair do. :)

    Jan x

  12. the doll in the box is lovely

  13. The Countess is fabulous. I too am a fan of her knickers- love that you made sure that particular detail didn't go unnoticed!

  14. Oh my !!!! Is the Countess looking very chic. Love her little panties. I wish her a bon voyage.
    Both Nikki and Archie look so adorable. Hope they are getting on ok xx

  15. She is just lovely - you do put so much work into them and they look absolutely perfect. Mavis is more my kinda gal, though! I would be a bit afraid of the Countess, I think! xCathy

  16. What an adorable doll ~ Glad to seeing you back again at the Fine Craft Guild linky party. We missed you for a while. hope to seeing you again next week!

  17. The countess is so regal and elegant in her lovely lace. You did an amazing job. Even her home is decorated beautifully!