Sunday, 11 August 2013

You say Tomato and I say Tomartoe!

We have tomatoes growing out of our ears. It's funny, but I can't eat them unless cooked, and hidden in a meal, which is a shame, cos they look so delicious.

 A brief summary is that the Latah seed purchased from The Real Seed Company are the best, although the wonkiest shapes. Second in came a Tumbling Tom which was purchased for 99p from a local garden centre. Thirdly was the Lidles seeds.

 I don't know if I pruned the Lidles back to far, but there were only a few toms on them, so probably the lack of fruit was made by me as they were very lush and bushy when they were growing. The good thing is that they arn't ripe yet so the glut is a bit smaller than if they had ripened same time as the others.

Here is a very small sample and  you can see the funny shapes of the Latah variety. Friends that I gave some to commented how flavoursome they were. (A bonus is that as they are not a hybrid, the seeds can be saved and you get the same tomatoes next year, so theoretically you never need to buy tomato seeds again) The other two contestants were perfectly formed, round shaped, so beloved of supermarkets! With the leftovers of which there are many and still cropping, I made a sort of tomato and chilli relish/dip, just throwing in stuff and reducing it right down till all the juice had gone. I was told it taste good. (I dont like relish so couldn't taste as I was going along to see if it was OK!)

And here is a cross stitch of tomatoes that I stitched a while ago just to keep in with the theme!

                                                    Close ups

This hangs on the kitchen wall in all it's tomatoiness haha. I have been crafting other stuff but it's not ready to show and tell yet. At the moment she is looking alright and she will be ready for her modelling career next time I post.

Here is pin up Nikki on her favourite walk in the forest. You do have to be careful who you come across, the fairy tale was true, bears do live in the wood, but they had already eaten the porridge!!

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  1. Oooh yum those tomatoes look so delicious! We haven't had much luck with ours this year. I love your tomato cross stitch too, i bet you get a few comments on it considering you don't like to eat them!

    Nikki looks adorable with her big bear friends :) x

  2. Ohhh YUMMY! I love tomatoes and would have enjoyed all the funny shaped ones - my kids adore anything that's not shaped as it's supposed to be! Love the cross stitch - especially given your dislike for the fruit! Simmi x

  3. Lots and lots of tomatoes! My daughter would love all the different shapes of the tomatoes. Your cross stitch is lovely, I never knew tomatoes could look so different.

  4. Is that a jar of green tomato chutney of your lovely cross stitch?
    That often ends up being my favourite bit of a tomato crop! memories of childhood bacon butty breakfasts at my grandparents - my grandfather always grew more tomatoes than anyone could possibly eat

  5. I'm afraid I'm not a tomatoe fan too. I can tolerate them in pizzas and lasagne but that's it. However I do like your tomato cross stitch.

    Love the photo of Nikki and her little teddy friends xx

  6. I wish my tomatoes were doing as well as yours

  7. Oh I love tomatoes! they are such versatile vegetable, you can make so many food items out of them. the tomato stitch is amazing, perfect for the kitchen

  8. The tomato harvest looks so yummy. I love the cross stitch you made. Very lovely.

  9. I can appreciate the work you put into the tomato cross-stitch (I've done a few samplers).

    Blog title and header - such fun!

    Popped by from WIW Hello Dolly.

  10. Gosh - I can almost smell and taste those toms through the picture! How can you not like home grown tomatoes??? I love all their wonkyness! Your cross-stitch piece is quite lovely. xCathy

  11. I didn't see Nikki there at first - those bears are BIG!

  12. oh, this is wonderful!! So happy to pin this also. Your friend, Linda

  13. Okay, I can't pin this but I think it's great! Linda