Sunday, 10 February 2013

Framed Embroidery & more coats for Nikki. 2 happy bunnies

 Here we are again. My fortnightly update....

I have my embroidery sampler framed at last. It is a plain wooden frame so it doesn't detract from the picture. The before photo is here  with the embroidery finished. It is now up on the wall.

We have not had any snow to speak of just a dusting, but the wind is very cold and it has been wet. Nikki needs some waterpoofs as her other coats were getting quite wet from our walks and runs on the grass.

Another recyled outfit! The brown fabric is an old bean bag that was past it's best and so was useful for the waterproofing. There was a discarded furry, soft ,water bottle cover that was no longer needed and that is underneath. Very cosy. Finished off with some green bias binding. A friend said she needed some leg warmers to complete the outfit, but I think that is a step too far. lol

All ready to go! Her little tail going nineteen to the dozen. She has worn it quite a bit and it certainly does the job properly. No more wet tummy. She is putting on weight around her middle (bit like me) so this coat is a bit bigger than the others. I did make her two coats with the bean bag plasticy material, the other one has red binding and an old woollen blanket for reverse. Fastened together with velcro. A good way to upcycle discarded materials.

These little rabbits are the last of the fluffies. Only 2 left now from this particular yarn. One happy chappy with his red heart jumper and matching scarf.....
.....and his little friend Daphne who sports a pink jumper with a white heart and matching scarf. They both are approx 8£ tall.I you would like to purchase one just email me.

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  1. Aww little Nikki must be the best dressed doggy around! She is so adorable in her little outfits :)

    love love love your fluffy bunnies! I'm sure they'll be hopping off to new homes soon :) x

  2. No sure where to start. Your bunnies are so cute, and the sampler looks brilliant framed. And Nikki looks just adorable. Very chic.

  3. Nikki looks a picture in her coat. I think all the dogs in Britain need one at the moment! Love the fluffies too.

    Have a great week,
    Alison x

  4. brilliant doggie coat! very cute bunnies too, lovely !

  5. Love Nikki's coat-she looks great in it!I love the sampler and the plain frame's perfect-really shows it off well.Gorgeous bunny!

  6. Gorgeous doggy coat and Nikki looks so happy to be wearing it! I wonder how big a bean bag you would need to make one for our Giant Schnauzer?!

  7. aah another cute little coat.

    FANTASTIC stitchery, looks lovely in the frame.

  8. Your sampler is beautiful. And what a great doggie coat!

  9. Two cuties here, Nikki and Daphne, my favourite of the fluffies :) Your framed embroidery is beautiful. I hope you are very proud :)

  10. I love the sampler. I really enjoyed reading the significance of each item. Nikki looks very smart in her new coat and the bunnies are adorable. Thanks for sharing.
    Ali x

  11. Lovely to see the sampler finished - you must be very pleased with it :)

  12. Your sampler is simply stunning. Nikki looks so cute in her coat. Agree with you about the leg warmers....

    The bunnies are delightful. Daphne looks very smart in her matching scarf and sweater.

  13. I hope your sampler now has the pride of place it deserves!
    Your bunnies are very cute.

  14. So cute...........Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week; I hope you’ll join us again!

    Kathy Shea Mormino

    The Chicken Chick

  15. Ahhhh those coats are lovely - she looks so happy and snuggly in them! And the sampler is amazing - so much tiny detail, you must be really proud to have completed it and have it hanging on the wall :-) Simmi x

  16. What about shoes for her feet - surely they get cold, wet and muddy? Your sampler is amazing - hope that it is hanging pride of place in your house somewhere.

  17. Are you going in to the production line with your little dog coats!! This waterproof one is ideal for the weather we are experiencing at the moment. Nicki sure looks one happy dog. hugs Mrs A.

  18. Love to see that sampler finished - what a great telling story and heirloom to your family. simply beautiful!

  19. Oh may, I just ADORE your embroidery work. Splendid.

  20. Love the embroidery! Nikki is as cute as can be!