Sunday, 6 January 2013

wine labels & Rodders Rabbit

Hello again and welcome to my little blog.
Are we missing winter and gone straight to spring as it has been, I'll whisper.... sunny and mild? lol I bet we'll get snow in April or something daft like that.

I  thought I would do a more fancier label on my homemade plonk bottles as they usually end up as presents. Here is the old label, just a boring old sticker slapped on....
beetroot 2008.....we arn't quick drinkers haha.

The rhubarb just bottled up at the end of the year so makes the 2012 vintage!
I had to put on one of my 'quirky' houses didn't I ;0) and then Head Honcho did the computer whizard stuff to make it fit on the label.

As you can see no added chemicals! Also syphoned off this week was pea pod wine, which falls into the catorgory of 2013 vintage.  Had lots of peas last year and it seemed a waste to compost all those pods without using them first. (afterwards they went in the compost)

 I have a nice wine book with all the old fashioned wine recipes and no added chemicals and so, used the recipe that was in there. No ideal what it will taste like as it is rather young at the mo. This lot will probably be ready when the next lot of rhubarb is growing.

This is the triplet bunny rabbits that have been living with me.
This little guy is still available is you are interested in purchasing him my email is

This one has gone to his new owner who has a liking for music, so Rodder's bought along his own guitar to make melody!!

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  1. Afraid wine in our house dosen't stay around long enough to see what the label says!! Your little house ones look good to give as gifts.
    Hugs Mrs A.

  2. Your quirky house looks great on the label.
    Rodders is so cute!
    Hope you are well

  3. ooooh what fun to make such unusual wines, i'd love to taste them!

    your little bunnies are so adorable and full of cheeky cuteness :) x

  4. Love your three little bunnies. They are so cute with their little jumpers and shoes.

  5. Great wine labels... my over-riding memory of my father's wine making was the regular explosions in the airing cupboard... always after the washing had been ironed too... and always blackberry!

  6. Love the labels - very apt. They really make a big difference. I like the sound of some of your wine - would love some of those professional wine tasters to describe the flavours in them.

  7. Like the quirky labels but wine doesn't last long enough in our house to put one on! Lol! Love the bunnies :)

  8. great funky labels, and very cute bunnies :)

  9. Aww that rabbit is so cute! I really, really need to learn to knit. I started but never got beyond straight lines.

  10. Hello! Thanks for linking up at Submarine Sunday! I just wanted to let you know that I featured your rabbits at this week's party! Stop by and grab a featured button and please link up again soon!!!


  11. Love the pretty labels - and the rabbits are cute, too! My peapod wine was probably the nicest type I've made, so hope yours turns out delicious, too! Happy new year xx

  12. Super labels on the wine, sometimes it's the label I go by when I buy and yours would definitely attract my eye!
    Love the bunnies :)

  13. oh, your wine labels are cute! love the house image you used - it implies the wine is home made :)
    you must the same quick drinker as i am - ive got 1. and a half bottle of my 2011 cordial elderflower in my fridge! and it's only me drinking it at home.
    here is to the new year! Cheers!

  14. Lovely wine labels - great fun. The guitar toting bunny is so lovely. Hope you have a good week.

  15. I keep meaning to try making my own wine, altough I understand it's rather an art form! Your new labels do your brewing graft justice, and I'm besotted with the bunnies! :)

  16. I'm very impressed not just making your own labels but wine as well. My friend and I have very happy memories of consuming far too much of her dads homemade wine. The triplets are adorable, the colours look really pretty together. Thanks for sharing.
    Ali x

  17. The house wine labels look great (so now you have house wine). The bunnies are just adorable.

  18. Wow, pea pot wine ? That does sound rather interesting. Love the labels too - definitive improvement !

  19. Love the quirky labels, too! My Mum and Dad used to make wine, but not since I was too small to be interested. I've always thought it would be fun to do. Dandelion wine is on my 'to-do someday' list, along with parsnip wine; now I have to add the pea pod and rhubarb wines, too. I would be interested in the title of your wine-making book, if you don't mind sharing it.

    Love the triplets, too! cutest clothes and the guitar is great! I love visiting here, just to see what you've been working on. I haven't done any knitting for a bit, but have lots of unfinished projects. On the other hand, there's nothing like starting a new project. I was reading this blog yesterday:
    She has pictures of a lovely 'ring shawl' (one so fine you can draw it through a wedding ring) and I'm so tempted. Luckily, I don't have any yarn that fine (Yet...LOL)
    Thanks for the great blog. ~ Linne

  20. hi, I just found your blog through the crafters forum, and just wanted to say how beautiful all the items you have made, i love your quilts especially the cats They are so cute. I am new to quilting and have a old treadle machine, just finished my sons first quilt, only stitch in a ditch - not managed free motion yet - Your quilts have inspired me to be more creative! and am going to be scouring the charity shops for more materials to use! As i dont have any stash at all!

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  22. Your new labels make such a difference, especially if you are giving them as presents.

    I love the triplets!