Sunday, 18 November 2012

Timmy Mouse has a visitor. Update on cream quilt.Nose warmer

Hello, fellow bloggers, hope you have all had a super crafty week. Timmy Mouse had a visitor a couple of weeks ago, his cousin Oswald.
They were so excited to see each other! While the crafting daughter was here she was determined to make a mouse of her own. Poor little Timmy has been pulled from pillar to post by visitors who want to pop him in their pocket! (But he remains firmly on my mantlepiece!)

They had lots to talk about and Oswald got his own suitcase so he is comfortable while travelling back home.
Now while no mice were hurt in the making of Oswald.....daughter did break 5....yes 5....of the felting needles!! (Good job I had a good stock of them that's all I can say) I think he came out very well and is now proudly sitting on her desk and looking super cute. Tim and Oswald can see each other over Skype and have a yakety yak together, so, even tho distance is a problem, technology can be a wonderful thing!

Here is an update on my cream 'quirky house' quilt.
I have done some free motion embroidery on some of the blocks, which was fun to do. Still got lots more stitching before it's finished, which, I hope, will be very soon.

I was asked to make a nose warmer in the shape of a mouse. No, I didn't know they existed either! I had a look on google to see what that is all about, there are some funny ones and I don't know when people would actually wear them. But I like a challenge and made up my own pattern.

Matches the wrist warmers.
Still if we have a winter the same as 2010 I'm sure everyone will need one!

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  1. Timmy and Oswald are adorable, as is the nose warmer. I'd love to see a picture of it being modeled.

  2. So fun ideas, thanks for sharing!
    Happy weekend and week!

    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  3. ha! that nose warmer is hilarious! i haven't heard of them either but yours is so cute i think i would be tempted to give it a go :) love the matching wrist warmers too

    little Oswald is a cutie, i'm sure he and Timmy had lots to talk about! x

  4. I adore Timmy and Oswald - gorgeous!! Love the wrist warmers (very stylish). The nose warmer is a lot of fun x

  5. Timmy and Oswald look full of personality, and ready for anything with the suitcases!

  6. Wish I had known about the nose warmer ages ago - I always get a cold nose!! Not sure my children would be seen with me wearing one however!

  7. the mice are adorable! cant wait to have a go at needlefelting! mouse nose warmer - thats hysterical love it!

  8. Ok so I just had to google 'nose warmer', I wouldn't have believed there were so many :)
    Your meeces are brilliant and it's lovely to see Timmy and his suitcase again.

    Jan x

  9. I love the mice, but also think the nose warmer is fab. I must show my daughter tomorrow. She made herself a little plain felt nose warmer last winter.

  10. I do love the felt mice. This is something I must learn to do. The wrist warmers are great and I have a big smile after seeing the nose warmer.

  11. Your miccies are so sweet and love the little suitcases. The quilt is so pretty, beautiful. Nose warmer? never heard of it but think kid's would love them, if we get a cold winter they should sell well

  12. I've often thought a nose warmer would be a good idea but don't think I'd dare wear one! If I did though I think your mouse one would be just the thing :)
    The wrist warmers are beautiful.

  13. I've always said we should have nose warmers... but not really sure about the reality!! Yours is gorgeous though and are the mice :-) Simmi x

  14. Love the mice and the quilt but the nose warmer and wrist warmers are my favourite this week. My daughter and myself could both do with nosewarmers. Thanks for sharing.
    Ali x

  15. I am so in love with Timmy and would want to put him in my pocket too!!
    Your quilt is looking fab too!!
    Have a good week!
    S x

  16. Gorgeous little mice and great suitcases for them to travel with!

  17. Whoops, also wanted to say how much I love your quilt.

  18. I did know about nose warmers, my sister had a very bright striped one from her travels maybe in Peru or somewhere?!
    Glad Timmy has a friend, and I love your quilt.

  19. Your mice are gorgeous and I love their little suit cases :) I also love your bright and cheerful quirky houses quilt.

  20. Timmy and Oswald looks so sweet. I've never heard of nose warmers before today. Love the look of the one you made.

  21. Ooh I love your little mice they are wonderful

  22. LOVE it!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer... From Dream To Reality!

  23. Ha ha, that nose warmer is fantastic!

  24. You are so talented! Thank you for sharing on the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week; I will be featuring your blog this week! Please feel free to grab the 'featured' button.

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

  25. He is sitting very comfortably on his own little suitcase on the Jewellery box in my bedroom. Very cheery that he is.

  26. Adorable mouses!! love 'm! Thank you for sharing these at the party!

  27. Your mice are darling! I love the wrist warmers and nose warmer too, they are beautiful. Thanks so much for linking up to Creative Thursday. Can’t wait to see what you share this week! Have a wonderful rest of the week

  28. How cute! Now those are the right sorts of mice to have. And the quilt is adorable. Love it.

  29. Do you have a pattern on how to make Timmy and Oswald?? Would love to have it! Thanks!

  30. I'm sorry I don't. Timmy was my first attempt into making a felted figure and I made him up as I went along. I think if you got a book from the library on animal needle felting it would give starting out instructions.