Sunday, 28 October 2012

Decoupage, cream quilt and crochet headbands

Hasn't it turned rather chilly. Have you had snow? We had a little bit Friday but not much. I think after the balmy spring like days prior to the cold snap, it came as a bit of a body shock! Scarfs/hat/gloves have all had a dust down in preperation for the next cold outing.

I had a mishap with the cross stitch project I was working on. I was pretty grrrrr with it, I can tell you. Such a simple pattern which I kept going wrong on and then the colour ran when I wetted it, which didn't happen to the other pieces. So am back to where I was last week as I made it again but was the wrong shade. I am Determined (with a capitol D) to get it finished and properly.

Anyway on a crafty forum I frequent, there is a lady that does fab decoupage with napkins. It looked easy enough so had to have a go myself. Well it wasn't lol. It gets very flimsy when you put glue on it. You can get a nice assortement of different napkins on Ebay. They are 3 ply and you have to take the two white tissues off which leaves you with the 1ply tissue so it's very thin and delicate to work with. (or maybe I'm just clumsy which is probably right!)
Here are the results......
Wrapped around a couple of little yoghurt pots. These are the best sides, the backs are not for showing! Need a lot more practise yet. These pots are opaque but I still needed to give them 2 coats of white paint so that the napkin pattern stays bright.
With one of my handmade paper roses.

Thought you might like to see an update on my daughters quilt that I'm making for her.
Eldest aughter wanted a cream quilt. The squares are made up from a 50p seat cover that was bought from Lidles ages ago and the sashing is from a curtain that dd gave me. With the brightly coloured quirky houses, it's coming along. Lots more to do yet....but guess what.... I got a super duper new sewing machine. Got a computer thingy on it as well, which I don't know how to work as yet, so that will be a challenge as I'm a bit of a computer numpty, but I actually managed to read the instructions to how to load up and do running stitch, all by Myself, go me!!

Another thing I would like to show and tell hasn't been made by me but one of my daughters. She has always been good at art but then decided to go all crafty on me and taught herself to crochet through youtube. This is what she made for her little nieces for the winter;
Warm headbands and little wrist warmers with small button fasteners. She has made quite a few of these for family and friends. Arn't they pretty she made the pattern and flowers up herself. Now she has got her eyes on my material to make a couple of cushions. Good job she's only visiting otherwise my stash of crafty goodies will deplete rather quickly!

Hope you like everything, don't be afraid to leave a comment whatever part of the world you live in :0)
See you next week.

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  1. Lots of really lovely makes. the decoupage is lovely and such a great idea - very tempted to have a go at that. Your daughter's quilt is lovely. Hope you have a good week.

  2. The decoupage looks lovely. Lots of things look easy until you try them, don't they? The quilt is gorgeous.

  3. The quilt is looking good, and the decoupage does look good too, despite it being tricky.
    Your daughter's crochet is very lovely too. I'm hoping to teach myself to crochet soon too- so I'll check out youtube!

  4. Wow, clever daughter teaching herself crochet - they are beautiful and practical too.
    I love the decoupage, it looks fabulous. And the quilt is amazing - the houses are fantastic. You are so clever.

  5. Great effort on the decoupage, think it looks pretty good :)

  6. Oh, this made me smile.....I could hear those teeth grinding! And "numpty" very Scottish....haven't heard that since my dear old Scots Dad died.
    Lovely results with the decoupage...might try that, but let you iron out the details first..hahaaa! The quilt is comin' along very the quirky houses, too.
    Has your talented daughter made leg-warmers? Loved my girls in 'em, back in the 70's, and have seen quite a few lately, lol. Have a great week....and send me some snow!

  7. The quilt is looking great, and the decoupage. Being crafty must be in your family's genes.

  8. Love the quilt, something about houses like beach huts perhaps because it represents home.

    I think the decoupage looks great, it is fun but have to be so patient with those napkins.

    The headbands and wristlets are needed now with this cold snap, have a good week

  9. No snow here in the midlands. Those little pots look amazing.

  10. The quilt is so lovely and bright, how big is it going to be when finished?

  11. I'm really impressed with the yog pot decoupage

  12. I love your decoupage yogurt containers. They look so beautiful. I especially love the shape...I have never seen rounded tubs in our yogurt sections. I use Oiko's Greek yogurt but they are just plain tubs. I love to use mod podge or gel medium to decoupage with but find that using rice paper napkins the best and easiest to work with. Just a tip and usually find them at smaller gift boutiques or shops. A bit pricey but worth it. I am now a follower of your blog and look forward to return visits. I invite you to join me as well on my blog at
    Hugs, Gayle.

  13. What lovely items! Clearly the crafty gene runs in your family! x

  14. The decoupage pots look lovely, along with you wonderful rose. No snow here but it's freezing. The headbands and wristwarmers are really pretty. I have a feeling they may come in useful with our cold weather. Thanks for sharing.

    Ali x

  15. You are always trying new things, most of which are completely new to me. Decoupage with tissue sounds as tricky as you say it is. The effect is lovely though.
    Teresa x

  16. i really love your decoupage. If you put them against a wall no-one will ever have to see the backs :). Your sewing machine sounds very grand - does it make cups of tea too?

  17. Great stuff!!! Love the decoupage!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer... From Dream To Reality!

  18. Lovely, lovely projects! Still haven;t dwell a lot in decoupage but I love looking at other people's projects!

  19. Your little pots look lovely as does that gorgeous handmade flower you have made. Well done to your daughter for not only teaching herself to crochet but also writing her own patterns. Those wrist warmers and head bands are lovely.
    Your houses are coming on a treat too. Hugs Mrs A.

  20. Oh my the decoupage is beautiful! So are the quilt and crocheted headbands and wristbands. Thanks so much for linking up to Creative Thursday. Can’t wait to see what you share this week! Have a wonderful week.