Sunday, 9 September 2012

Primative Folkart Doll

 Timmy want's to thank everybody that left a comment for him. He has been blushing all week!

This week I have been messing around with paper clay. Another first for me, and this is what I'v made, a primative, folkart doll.

Vera started off with a soft body made from a piece of sheeting. After she was filled, I then started to cover her head with paper clay. She originally had soft arms but I stuffed them too hard and made a hole in them, so instead of carting the sewing maching out again, thought, lets go with the clay instead as it would be quicker, so rolled it out and made two new arms which I made a little hole in the tops and then they could be sewn onto her shoulders.

Here she is all finished. She has been gently sanded and then a paint mix added for her flesh (which I wanted to look sort of old) a bit of extra colour so she has nice rosy cheeks and then her hair painted along with her top knots. She is not very tall, measuring only 8".

Vera's dress has been decorated with pink and green french knots.

Her she is with Timmy, who is admiring her petticoat, shoes and pantaloons! All made out of re-cycled materials.

I need to sort out her eyes as she is looking a bit squint (or maybe she just needs a pair of glasses.....maybe she could borrow mine!) Strange, but in real life her eyes look OK!

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  1. Where did you apply to get your huge batch of the creativity gene? You constantly amaze me....this looks like it came from a posh museum.....all those gorgeous details....beautifully done!

  2. I love her dress, petticoat and pantaloons and the little french knots are very sweet.

  3. She's lovely - I love all those french knots! x

  4. Your doll is great. Really unique, and has taken so many skills. She reminds me of an old Dutch wooden doll that I have.

  5. I think the eyes make her look a bit Eastern - like a princes from the far East or something like that. Very pretty!

  6. She is so good, I love Prim but a lot over here in the UK do not get it.

  7. Very unusual but I like her!

  8. Ah, she is really lovely. Hope you have a good week.

  9. She reminds me of a victorian style doll. Lovely workmanship. Her face is just fine. Almost oriental in feel. She's just fine the way she is.

  10. Beautiful doll...really vintage looking. I have to say I am head over heels in love with

  11. She's lovely, she has a folksy look about her. Lovely detail in her outfit, Timmy looks like he's enjoying the company.

    Jan x

  12. She looks lovely, her dress with the lace collar and French knot flowers is very pretty.

  13. She is lovely. You have done a great job. Those french knots must have taken you a fair bit of time but nice detail.

  14. She looks amazing! Is there anything that you CAN'T do??

  15. G'morning, o talented one....:)
    She is so adorable and her clothes are precious. Very nice.