Monday, 8 August 2011

Barry the Biker...the return!

My daughter found my lead it was still in my suitcase! I could have sworn that I emptied everything out as well. So back on track with photos.

Have made a few monkeys this week to put into a nearby craft shop. The other ones had nearly sold out so she requested some more.

Here is Barry the Biker
He has a belly button piercing (shudder!) a lot of earhole piercings and jewellery. The back of the waistcoat has a fire painting on the back to match the small one on the front. He's also got a popper in his tail!
Will add a few more monkey photos later in the week.

I am starting to look at fabric for another quilt maybe in a mauve/lilac/green.Not for any particular room but I like the colour combination. This will be a long turn project tho possibly for winter. Got a lovely knitting aran pattern and sourced the wool on line so there is that and also a big (to me) cross stitch project. Have already started do the cross stitch.I have marked it out with water soluble  pen so that might make it a bit quicker than the 3 years it took to do the matching one!!

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  1. Barry is awesome! Look at all the detail you've put into him. Sounds like you've got a nice list of upcoming projects for the future. I always enjoy seeing your work.