Thursday, 10 February 2011

Home made wine

Does anybody out there make there own home-made wines? This is the last of my haul. I am now hanging up the demi johns and passing the baton over to my s-i-law as he is very keen on carrying on with it. Although I will probably do some rhubarb wine as we have so much of it, and there is only so much pies and crumbles you can eat in a year! (and giving bundles away as well) this flavour seems to be an all round winner. Over the years have made carrot, beetroot, gorse (yuk), apple, mixed fruit, peach, potato (this tastes like whiskey) and generally anything thats going.

This little group are from 2008-2010. The book that I use for my wines is an old one that uses just fruit, sugar, yeast and wine. I think it's called 'A sip of country wine' (But said s-i-law has the book so can't check) None of your stabilisers/cadem tablets etc in this book. We used baby Milton for sterilizing (or Tesco's own make) We arn't big wine drinkers so we wont be too sad to see it all go.....and we can always cadge a bottle or three of said s-i-l!

Another s-i-law has devised his own money saving wine which is; teaspoon of yeast, 1 kilo sugar dissolved in some hot water, poured into a demijohn and then topped up with water with the yeast added. Put on the stopper and leave to clear and stop bubbling (about 2 weeks but best left longer as he found it too sweet first time around) then when he fancies a drink of wine he pours some of this into glass and then adds his own flavouring i.e. blackcurrant/orange/lemon/strawberry cordial. I havn't tasted it myself so can't vouch for it, but they like it and it and they say it does taste like wine.....can anybody do cheaper than that!!

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